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YaPeTaVi IconYaPeTaVi is a new software of mine. The name is a shortened version of “Yet another Periodic Table Viewer”. It aims to be a full featured atoms, molecules and ions analysis software. Here is the official project page where you can find all the required informations about it.


News IconYou can find updated news about YaPeTaVi development in the YaPeTaVi section of this blog.

The project is actually in an early pre-alpha stage. This mean that some fonctions may not be implemented (or partially) and many bugs may occurs. Nevertheless, the source code of the project is still simple so that’s reducing this possibility.

The (projected) functionnalities are the followings:

  • Periodic table viewer with colorization support depending on atomic block or family, or gradients for discovery dates, melting point, boiling point, electronic affinity, covalent radius, Van Der Waals radius, electronegativity and first ionization energy.
  • List supporting sorting options for detailed element information and a link to the appropriate Wikipedia article.
  • Graph system representing numerical values on two axis with multiple range selection, zoom support and bitmap export.
  • Multi-filtering system available for periodic table, list and graph.
  • Molecule and ion database with information and tools used for some calculations.

I develop using Qt bindings of Lazarus. I advise you that using an other widgetset is possible, but not tested. Anyway you can try and send feedback, but only native widgetset (Carbon for MacOS and win32 for Windows) will be officially supported, along with Qt. If you have any problem using GTK, FpGUI or any other widgetset, please do not send bug repports as it’s not suported and never will. Please note that Qt is running on Windows and MacOS, so you have the choice. If you have problems on Windows or MacOS and don’t know how to solve it, please send a bug repport and consider installing Qt on your platform to cleanly compile and use YaPeTaVi.

As this project require to gather a lot of datas, any help along with this, or allowing me to calculate some of those, is more than welcome. As well I’d like some functionnalities I can’t manage (like tridimentional molecules representation and/or building) because I don’t know the API or I don’t have enough knowledge in chemistry or mathematics. So, fell free to contact me (see Contact section in About).

Downloading and compiling

Download IconYou can curently download source code only via SVN (as it still is an early prealpha) by using the following command:

svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/geofperspage/gppsvn/trunk/yapetavi

If you are a Windows user you may use TortoiseSVN to do so. Alternatively you can browse the code at the address: http://svn.tuxfamily.org/viewvc.cgi/geofperspage_gppsvn/trunk/yapetavi/ of the SVN repository. You will need a recent SVN version of Lazarus (version 0.9.28 is probably required but it’s very buggy so I recommend 0.9.29), FPC version >= 2.3.1 and the optional TChart component installed (it’s distributed with Lazarus as TAChart package not compiled by default). If you need help, about compiling or anything else just contact me.

As I do not recommend to compile YaPeTaVi by hand as module dependencies are not fixed yet, I will not provide any makefile and no command line will be given here, for now. This will be possible with final release only. For now, I strongly recommend to open the project in Lazarus IDE and compile it after some checkings:

  • Check your paths in project options (may be different from mine)
  • Still in project options select the widgetset you want (dev files must be installed)
  • If you are using Qt check that Qt 4 bindings library is properlly installed
  • The file “uversion.pas” contain references to Lazarus source code. If you don’t have it, remove those references as explained in the file, elsewhere, check the paths.
  • Before compiling you have to generate a file called “buildsys.inc”. Just run the script “create-buildsys_inc.sh” if you are using a Unix compliant system (including MacOS X and Linux) or “create-buildsys_inc.bat” if you are running Windows or OS/2.

If after all these checks you still have problems while compiling contact me.

After compilation is done, Windows users should copy the executable file in parent of the directory “\bin”, elsewhere icons and some others data files may not be found. Unix users have nothing to do as the svn tree is Unix compliant but an installation script is in work to install YaPeTaVi in a standard Unix prefix (like /usr or /usr/local).

Bugs, wishes and roadmap

Bug IconYaPeTaVi is a little project, so it’s not actually projected to use a bug tracking system. Just send your report or wish by e-mail to the address given either in source code or in the “About” box of the software.

The project roadmap will be updated as wishes and ideas are coming. The target (to do list) for version 1 is the following:

  • NEW: Add more ionisation energy informations — Done
  • NEW: Add Wikipedia links for each atoms (and more as it’s comming) — Done
  • NEW: Add a discoverer list with info on them — Done
  • NEW: Add a debug and console system — Done
  • NEW: Add health, aspect and use information — To do
  • NEW: Add isotope support — To do
  • NEW: Add configuration dialog — Done, still to be improved
  • NEW: Improve non-Unix support — In progress
  • NEW: List sorting — In progress
  • NEW: Show the graphical electronic configuration — Done
  • NEW: Molecule and ion database with information and tools used for some calculation — To do, choosed directory structure and INI type files
  • NEW: Improve zoom functionnalities in charts — in progress
  • BUG: Correct range support in charts — In progress
  • BUG: Correct bug in TAboutBox when clicking e-mail address under Unix/Linux — Done
  • BUG: Correct the new filter management and use it — In progress
  • BUG: Better managment of access path — To do (help welcome if you have a Mac or any exotic distribution)

When all “NEW” point will have the done status, YaPeTaVi will become “Beta” (version 0.99.X). Final version (1.0.0) will be released when all reported bugs will be corrected. Note that in progress, means not finished or ultra buggy or not visible in the interface.


Pas file IconAs there’s no officially released version of YaPeTaVi there’s no changelog available yet. Alternativelly you can check SVN repository comments to see detailled revision changes on each files of the project.

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